Monday, October 13, 2008

Before You Vote

Canadians are going to the polls tomorrow, October 14, and Americans soon after. If you have any doubt about how important it is to be a moral voter, you can view this video produced by that was sent to my inbox today.


Marilena said...

now if they had shown that video but made for canada, it would spark canadian patriotism (if there is any) this is what separates the USA from canada. americans are very patriotic, and hold fast to their beliefs while majority of canadians support the morally bankrupt state in which our country sadly exists.

canadian Catholics need to be more patriotic, and view this video. today, don't vote liberal, ndp, or green. vote for right to life, right to economic security, right to the canadian dream, vote conservative. we all deserve a good future, and that future is conservative.

Shirley said...

A very powerful, well presented video. And yes, I'm voting today.

Tom in Vegas said...

Oh, man, this powerful stuff! Love it.