Monday, October 13, 2008

Fearing the Nanny State

There is a very interesting article over at the blog Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex (I always wondered how they came up with that name). The article has to do with the dangers of the nanny state, the concept that America is distinctly two political solitudes, and how these views are irreconcilable with each other. The article ties this in to what has happened in Europe and Canada, and how dangerous this is for the Church:

The Church cannot survive “Nanny State” fascism/socialism. This has been borne out in western Europe to a great extent, but most of all in Canada itself. Sandro Magister’s recent article shows that Quebec is basically lost to the faith. A new evangelization is required there. But it is not even clear that Nanny State drones/citizens are capable of being opened up to God’s grace, without divine actions being taken that are, from a worldly perspective, catastrophic.

The upcoming election in the United States portends the coming of Canadian-style, Nanny State tyranny to the United States. The situation is much more ominous than the mocking description “Nanny State” would imply. What does this sort of “soft” socialism, or “benign” fascism, do to the political order?

Go to the original article to read the rest and find out the answers to these questions. It's definitely food for thought for those who have the power to change the course of events by a single vote.


Smiley said...

This is 100% correct. What USA is going to vote for is a choice between socialism or a preservation of its existing democratic setup.
Sadly for us Canadians we like to think of ourselves as a democracy but we are a huge socialist country where the state interferes in family life right from the beginning. I am sure my married friends who have kids will talk more about this. This whole spread of socialism is in keeping with what Our Lady said in Fatima ' Russia will spread her errors thoughout the world'.
Permit me to make a prediction, USA will capitulate to socialism especially in the heath care department and gay rights. After all the mother of God did say that Russia will spread her errors throughout the world. If I recall rightly Our Lady of Fatima told Lucia that 'In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved' this means that the rest of the world will give up the dogma of faith. Oh how terrible for us all casue we live in nations that will give up . Pray i beg you all pray the rosary day and night and go for mass and confession as often as you can.

DimBulb said...

I've always wondered how they came up with that name

Their "About This Blog" page helps answer that question.

paramedicgirl said...

dimbulb (how in the world did you come up with that name?) thanks for the link to this article. It is well thought out and very informative. (BTW, I used to read Louis L'Amour books, too. One of his expressions I still remember was "Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon wheel rut!") He was a great storyteller for those who love the western frontier days.

Shirley said...

After reading that article, I agree that Divine and catastrophic intervention will be required to bring the world back to sanity, using Fr. Corapi's definition of sanity. The politics in our country are so disgusting, especially the "Human Rights" Commission and the hole has been dug so deep that there is no climbing out on our own (truly lower than a snake's belly in a wagon wheel rut!) How can God look kindly on our nations who have so completely turned their backs on Him? Most people don't even realise that they have turned away from God, they think that what they are doing is right and just.I agree with Smiley that we must pray the rosary mightily, and go to Mass to implore mercy for this corrupt world, before the stench of its decay reaches Heaven and God is so offended that He will have no recourse but to cleanse it, and to do so with great chastisements.

Anita Moore said...

I think quite honestly that if Obama wins, the terrorists -- perceiving that we are being led by a man who will not fight them -- are going to hit us again.