Tuesday, October 07, 2008

From zero to hero?

How much influence do you think the political satires of Tina Fey portraying Sarah Palin are going to have on the voters in America? I don't even watch Saturday Night Live and I've come across all the videos. They certainly are funny, there's no question. But they portray Governor Palin in a very poor light, making her look like a complete dolt. Even in Canada the media favours Obama and loves to attack Mrs. Palin. Is the media just wielding their considerable power of public persuasion to discredit Governor Palin in an attempt to ambush John McCain? Or is Sarah Palin’s naïveté about world affairs simply too irresistible to pass up? Whatever the reason, with the election looming, this woman whom McCain plucked from relative obscurity and positioned in a role of political magnitude that she had little preparation for, has a tough job on her hands.

Let me pit her against Obama, the master of speech eloquence. You will see what I mean.


DimBulb said...

If anyone wants to know just how despicable the American secular press is in its pimping of Obama they only need to check out these sites:


Their ignoring of his connections with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and the ACORN organization are just two examples.

Sister Mary Martha said...

It's a shame that this is what we have as a candidate. If I were giving out debating grades the poor thing would get an "F". I can't pretend she is in anyway qualified for the job.

Cygnus said...

OTOH, I thought Sarah did well in the debate against Gaffe-A-Minute. I hope she's still a factor in 2012, and she was the best pick McCain could have made.

Too bad she's not running for President.