Thursday, October 09, 2008

No thanks, you can keep them

Catholic Fire has a video post that encourages all the Obama supporters in the US to move to Canada. That would really empty out America of all its problem people, wouldn't it? I realize that Americans are very patriotic, often more so than Canadians, and I have noticed that Canada often gets criticized by Americans for its lax moral standards.

Yes, Canada has legalized gay marriage and our school boards are pushing the gay agenda on children right from the kindergarten level. Canada currently has no restrictions in place on limiting abortion. We have become so politically correct that it sickens me. Our Human Rights Commissions should be abolished. Their focus is advancing the rights of any minority group at the expense of fair play.

What about America? Is it any different? Are not these same things happening there as well? I read yesterday that the state of Massachussettes is forming up to fourteen schools for gay, lesbian and transgendered students. Oregon kills their sick and elderly, and they do it legally, protected by their euthanasia law. Now their neighbour, Washington State, is gearing up to pass their own "death with dignity" law this November. Earlier this year, a California appeals court ruled that home schooling is illegal. Planned Parenthood is on a killing spree in Kansas.

Is there really any moral difference between our two countries?

The video is intended to be funny, but I actually find it offensive. I guess that means I'm a patriotic Canadian, eh?


Tom in Vegas said...


I would have posted something like that in an attempt at being funny. I can see, however, that funny can have its limits, especially when it involves issues that can get people going. Abortion gets us both going.

You are correct when you ask if it's any better in America. Clearly, the answer is no. This is why I think the video should encourage Obama supporters to move to North Korea or Iran instead of a civilized nation like Canada. As a matter of fact, maybe Canadians who advance the culture of death agenda should meet there with Americans who do the same, ridding our countries of some very nasty folks.

Owen said...

I hope neither nation gets him.

Shirley said...

Well said! Instead of slinging mud at our country with all its faults, lets try to make the world a better place. Can't all those Anti-God people just board a spaceship and go live on the moon? No, wait, then the moon would be dark!

ignorant redneck said...

Beloved Sister in Christ:

I think that Canada is a bit farther gone than the US. But I have a solution.

All the good folk of Canada and the US get together in one of the pleasant climate areas--We'll let y'all pick--and let the rest of 'em have the rest.

I vote you for minister of health.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Nah, make it easier...just put all Obama and Communist supporters on my free vacation to Pluto plan :)

Marilena said...

since there will never be any perfect ideal nation or place to live on earth until Christ returns in glory, the best thing we can do for any country, be it our own or not, is to continuously pray daily for the entire world, and pray for the whole world until you draw your last breath because Christ hears these prayers. may He who is above all things, the Heavenly Father have mercy upon all our souls on earth.

Anita Moore said...

How about colonizing Mars as a solution to both our problems? I've already got a list of people who need to go there.

(See, the space program isn't a big waste of money.)

DimBulb said...

Here's an interesting article somewhat related to the topic:

Cygnus said...

It seems that Canada is leading the way in this Socialist regard, and the U.S. is trying to follow (despite the efforts of folks like me).