Monday, October 27, 2008

In case you're undecided

I am no Hilary Clinton fan, but I came across a quote of hers (on Obama's lack of credentials for the highest office in the free world) that I quite like:

I have long said that John McCain will bring a wealth of experience to the campaign trail, and that Barack Obama will bring a speech he wrote in 2002.


Anita Moore said...

Yeah! Of course, the Democrats have to downplay the whole question of experience; that's why, when John Kerry endorsed Obama, he said of Hillary:

We are electing judgment and character, not years on this earth.

Where were all the feminists when that one came out?

Shirley said...

Too bad they didn't find someone with judgement and chatacter! BTW, I removed the political satire on my last post.

Tom in Vegas said...

I'm going to post this on one of my posts.

Incredible, isn't it? NO experience and running for the White House. Ii I had to settle for stupid and experienced, I would have gone with Hilary. While no better than him politically, she can at least claim to have lived in the White House, not to mention more time in the senate.

Now look what you made me do. I just defended Hilary.

paramedicgirl said...

Tom, Obama's push to the top is really incredible, isn't it? He's the cup of poison the media has been dishing out and passing off as fine wine

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I thought Hilary was evil, until I found out about Obama

paramedicgirl said...

Joe, Hilary is evil, but she pales in comparison to Obama.