Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stairway to Heaven

Here's a little checklist for heaven I came across- by Saint Alphonsus Liquori. Of course, this great Doctor of the Church doesn't call it a checklist; rather, he says these practices are a means of preserving your soul in a state of grace. I tend to think of them as a stairway to heaven, one that takes a lot of practice to climb without falling off.

1. Hearing Mass every day
2. Meditating on the Eternal Truths
3. Frequenting the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist at least every eight days
4. Visting the Blessed Sacrament every day
5. Visiting an image of the Blessed Mother daily, with attendance at her Confraternity
6. Daily spiritual reading
7. Daily examination of conscience
8. Having some kind of special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, along with fasting every Saturday in her honour
9. Most importantly, resolve to recommend yourself frequently to God and the Blessed Virgin, and frequently invoke, in times of temptation, the sacred names of Jesus and Mary, for these are the names by which you will secure a happy death and eternal life.

The practice of these devotions will be for you, says the holy Doctor, a sign of your predestination.


Kathy Farrelly said...

I can think of another two to add to the checklist Pg,
that are dear to my own heart.

Praying the Rosary daily.

Devotion to the brown scapular of Our Lady.
Over the years I have derived much comfort from wearing the scapular.
My 7 year old autistic boy also wears one(in fact hubby and daughter do too)
Everyday I entrust my little boy to Our Blessed mother through the scapular, knowing he is in her safe hands.

paramedicgirl said...

Kathy, thanks for stopping by. Even though it is not specifically mentioned,the rosary is a part of the confraternity, and yes, the brown scapular is a very good devotion to have.

Smiley said...

no Zepplin??

Rosary and more Rosary and then some more.

paramedicgirl said...

I think the Rosary is covered in 5, 8 & 9