Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Obama really wants

Obama Wants You - The "Obama Wants You" Downloads for Print

Click on the link above to see the "new" Uncle Sam; what America will be buying into if they elect Obama as their next president. Below, the video says it all in less than 1 minute.

and finally, his true patriotism shines through:


Tom in Vegas said...

I can't watch the video. It's too upsetting.

And patriotic? This guy???

PG, I'm moving to Canada. I need you to find me a place next to good and decent neighbors:0)

paramedicgirl said...

Well, Tom, what'll it be? Life in the city or busting broncs in Cow Town with Shirley? Either way, you'll have instant friends! And we're both good neighbours - we just live in different provinces.

You know, I love America, and its rich history. I really hope Obama does not destroy your beautiful country and its Christian heritage. It's already happening in Europe and Canada; I hope the US does not fall to the same axe.

Marilena said...

Honestly, i don't get how anyone in their right mind would vote for a person who walks with satan.

Tom in Vegas said...

"I really hope Obama does not destroy your beautiful country and its Christian heritage."


I hope he doesn't either.

You know, I've repeatedly stated my desire to live in a small village somewhere in New England. But I also long for thick, wooded areas (such as the ones found in Washington state or Oregon) with lots of stars at night, and lots of snow in the winter.

Shirley said...

Tom, maybe you could move in with Fr. Corapi; he lives in northern Montana!