Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well done, everyone!

From LifeSite News

After Receiving 18,201 Petitions, YouTube Pulls Host Desecration Videos

SPRING GROVE, Penn., October 2, 2008 ( - Yesterday, responding to a worldwide protest from Catholics, the internet video sharing site YouTube removed 40 videos showing desecrations of the Holy Eucharist from its site. The account of the author was also suspended.

A video removal petition was circulated by the Catholic group America Needs Fatima and 18,201 people signed it in only seven days.

For over a month, an individual from Canada had posted 40 videos showing the Holy Eucharist being stepped on, burned, stapled, smoked and nailed to a stick - even flushed down the toilet.

The videos shocked Catholics and caused America Needs Fatima to launch a petition on September 23 asking YouTube to remove the videos.

"I was never so offended in my life," said Michael Jordan, who joined the petition from Marysville, California. "The videos were pure hate."

The petition spread quickly. America Needs Fatima webmaster Joseph Ritchie said: "I never saw so many people sign a petition so fast. They came in from all over the world, even Russia."

"We're now sending YouTube a 'thank you' note." Mr. Ritchie said. "The 'thank you' message lets Catholics tell YouTube how happy they are with the videos being removed."

"It's important the staff at YouTube see that Catholics not only have courage to defend the faith, but courtesy to say 'thank you' as well," he said.


Tom in Vegas said...

YES!! That's flexing the Catholic muscle.

Although, I must wonder if the blockhead responsible for the videos considers it a defeat. He wanted attention, PG, and since he obviously has nothing intelligent to say, he decided to cause a spectacle by offending a lot of people. Oh well, pot makes you stupid and he may be a chain smoker.

BTW, I just got an email that YouTube pulled the videos earlier today, but they were back up again. What have you heard?

Tom in Vegas said...

I just used your link and the videos are still up:0(

Marilena said...

that is good news! man, am i ever glad i signed that petition!!

Shirley said...

So is there a place where we can sign the thank you note?