Friday, November 07, 2008

What a Legacy!

This appears to be for real -San Francisco County had a Proposition R for renaming the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant of the City of San Francisco to - yes, you read it right -the "George W Bush Sewage Plant." Luckily for Mr. Bush, the proposition failed with 69% voting no.


Cygnus said...

Oh, that was quite real. I'd heard about that for a while.

Marilena said...

the sewage plant symbolizes the sewage of the last 8 years of bushie. perfect name, and quite fitting of you ask me. they shoulda left it.

ignorant redneck said...

What I'm unclear about is this: Did the residents of San Franphreakshow vote it down because it was inappropriate to mane a sewage treatment plant after a president, no matter how ill regarded, or beecause they don't want any record of a Republican president to remind them that not everyone agrees with them?