Wednesday, November 05, 2008

back from the dead

How appropriate that on the day after America elects a jack-booted communard to the highest office in the land, I should crawl from my mouldering grave. There's irony there somewhere. Or a fortunate happenstance. Here's some post-election analysis like you can't find anywhere else. Nor would you want to.

We should all thank Arizona's Senator Planters (as in nuttier than a can of) and his dim bulb neo-con advisors for steering his campaign into the ditch long about Memorial Day. Despite his temporary flash of brilliance in selecting the hottie running mate, it's generally a good thing that this check pants wearing Republican went down to such ignominious defeat. Republicans have always been better as an opposition party anyway. So, know your strength.

Liberals, as they always do, will take this election as a signal to implement their radical agenda and they will overreach. Pride goes before the fall, as the old saying goes. And libs have more than their fair share of that. They inherited it from their daddy, who got tossed out of heaven by St. Michael with a gaggle of his cohorts because of it.

This is what happens when you allow idiots to choose their own leaders. The American people don't want a president. They want a daddy who will tuck them in at night and hug them and tell them everything is going to be ok. Someday, they will want a dictator, and they will get one. Whether he (or she) is a Republican or Democrat, I can't say. But they'll get one. Plato pointed out over 2,000 years ago that democracy inevitably leads to tyranny. If a buggering pagan can see that, why can't the denizens of our enlightened age see it? Voting leads to tyranny. Which means by voting, you contribute to the inevitable collapse of our society. Stop your internal dialogue. That's logic, a subject with which I am somewhat familiar. So, don't argue.

And what of our beloved Catholic Church? For some reason, the US bishops have chosen to throw in with the Republicans the past few elections. If history is any indicator, when the Church decides to align herself with a certain ruling class or ideology, the result rarely redounds to her benefit. Or to put it another way (as Batman might say), "When you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, you don't change the devil. The devil changes you." When it comes to the sweaty midnight grope fest on the veranda between the USCCB and the Republican party, chances are good that no one wearing purple is going to look better after the encounter.

Finally the biggest winner (aside from the pinko and his baby-butchering Hollywood homo hordes) is Canada. That's right. Our home and native land as it were. The result allows our Canadian brethren to feel better about their own nation. Sure, we have it bad up here in the True North, strong and free, they'll think to themselves. But look what those chuckle heads just elected. Then they'll point and laugh and swill some more beer. And Canadian self-esteem rises precipitously. (The Canadian dollar, however....not so much.)

Now. I'm dead again. Until the next time the hoi-polloi do something incredibly stupid which requires my prescient analysis. [And I still need prayer which, might I remind you, is your obligation as a Christian. So get to it.]

Oh, and the Oakland Athletics still suck.


Marilena said...

there is a great deal of anger on the side of those who voted republican. why, our own newspaper here stated that no albertans wanted change in the us. that's because we are a conservative province, and we get slammed for it. who cares? i don't care what other people think, whatever. but i still say, that we need to pray for the conversion of sinners, all sinners. including obama whether we like it or not. is it not our obligation to pray for sinners? i believe it is. we can actually pray for them to convert without condoning their beliefs and actions. perhaps somewhere down the road, God will take mercy on his soul, and that of any other sinner on this planet, not just obama. don't forget Christ's words to Saint Faustina as i mentioned in one of pmg's other posts here.

paramedicgirl said...

Doc! You're back! I loved your post-election analysis. BTW, how did you know Canadians like to swill beer?

Right now, on the Left Coast anyway, the Canadian media is singing Obama's praises, and telling Canadians that we need to elect our very own multicultural Candian version of an Obama to spice things up a little.

Mark said...

US bishops in a grope-fest with the Republicans? I must live in a different country... In the US I live in the USCCB is practically a branch of the Democratic party...

Nancy said...

A Canadian Obama? We did bad enough with Trudeau, thank you very much.

Tom in Vegas said...

I take it you're disappointed.


I'm simply beyond what words can express when I remind myself that Pennsylvania, where one out of three voters is a Catholic, went to Obama.

I'm going back to my blog to curse some more.

paramedicgirl said...

Tom, have you ever been to Catholic Answers Forums? It attracts a great many Kumbaya Catholics. I think many of their members are from Pennsylvania ;} They must not have read the voter's guide that CAF published.

paramedicgirl said...

Nancy, yes, agreed - Trudeau was our downfall. He has been immortalized as the PM who changed the face of Canada with his 1982 Charter of Human Rights. He was liberal in every sense of the word, but stupid Canadians kept voting for him.

Shirley said...

Doc, you can come up and swill some Canadian beer with us any time; (it's good beer!) So glad you graced us with your insight! And since the hoi-palloi are about to do a whole bunch of stupids,(how can they help it, it has been handed to them on a platter with this president) we expect to hear from you lots. And yes, I'm still praying for you- just ask BVM!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think one of the most beautiful things of this election for me was the sifting that happened among the voters. So many of us got together irrespective of creed, religion, sex or color and fought tooth and nail for families.

I am so thankful this marriage amendment in California passed, and for the wide based support it found among the hearts of so many.

Our critics are fierce, that’s for sure. I’ve been blogging about the marriage issue in all it’s facets since October, I’m just a newbie to the issue, but boy is it interesting seeing how we got ourselves in this mess, and how homosexuality has crept up while we were looking the other way.