Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Garden

One of my favourite hobbies (outside of blogging, reading Catholic books, playing tennis and exercising), is gardening. This is the second year for this garden, so it is still far from maturity. In addition, we lost a lot of plants last winter, so had to start over again with the banana tree and some of the ornamental grasses.

A Hosta I brought with me when we moved. It has grown incredibly in just one year.

Red Banana (not hardy, needs overwintering indoors)

This is my Bijon Shiitsu, hiding from the sun in my shade garden.

Oops, she found me! Probably gonna make me get out of here - after I dug it all up to find some nice cool earth to make my bed!

Lilies, one of my favourites for their vibrant colour and ease of growth.

The second summer for the fish pond.

A fuller view.

I never have to worry about watering these plants!

Saint Francis keeps the pond company, night and day.

Ornamental grasses surround the pond.

These are still young, just planted a few weeks ago. By next year, they should be matured and offer a better display.

There, I'm out of the garden. Where's my treat?


Aussie Therese said...

what a beautiful garden. I leave the gardening here up to my husband. I just am not a great fan of it.

Anonymous said...

I like the lighthouse!

Angela M.

paramedicgirl said...

Angela, the lighthouse is actually a solar light. It changes colour, from read to blue to green. I love watching it at night!

Anita Moore said...

Now that is a cool garden. And a cute little beastie, too!