Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Baby Steps

Today I went to the daily Mass at the Catholic Church closest to me, where the Mass is Novus Ordo and was in for a pleasant surprise at Holy Communion. I haven't been there for a few months, and today I noticed there were four portable kneelers at the front of the Church, and every person there knelt for Communion! This same priest wants to say the Traditional Latin Mass, and is training his altar servers in the responses, but he told me last fall that the main resistance is coming from the choir. Lately, I have noticed the choir singing a few hymns in Latin when I have been there for a Sunday Mass, and the Kyrie Elieson is sung now, too. Eventually, God will have His way, and there will be a Mass there said in Latin.

Priests often have to be so patient with the faithful; they encounter resistance and make small changes, just enough to make a bit of a difference, but they don't do everything all at once so that parishioners feel blind-sided. It's very similiar to how God keeps tolerating our sinfullness, all the while placing little graces in our path that are meant to bring about our conversion.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You have a great blog. Just an observation....and I may be wrong on this. You mentioned the Kyrie being sung in Latin; but I always thought that Kyrie was Greek.

Anyway, on the rare occasions that I'm at Mass and the padre sings, or chants parts of the Mass it is really a neat experience.

-Eddie in New Mexico

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

A pleasant surprise