Monday, July 06, 2009

Moonshine and Grace

Yesterday, I went to the the Low Mass because I wanted to get an earlier start to my day. I had to bake some pies to take to a neighbour's house for a dinner invitation. I made two pies, an apricot/blackberry pie, and a rhubarb/strawberry pie. The dinner was excellent-our neighbour is somewhat of a chef, and the company was pleasant (except, why oh why does everyone have to swear?) It is such a travesty that people take the name of Jesus Christ in vain so casually. Many people use the name of Our Lord to emphasize their point, as if it helps to get their meaning across in a more effective manner. The English language is full of so many colourful and descriptive words that to resort to swearing to emphasize one's point is liking serving moonshine after a fine dinner when you should be serving cognac.

Back to the Mass, though. Have you ever heard a timely sermon that seems geared towards your exact needs at that moment? This past week I had to work with someone very difficult, an experience I am not in a hurry to repeat, and one that I found extremely trying. In his sermon, the priest chose the topic of why God allows evil to happen, and he explained how, through grace, God always brings about some greater good, even though we may not recognize it. All this I have heard before, and I was just following along, though somewhat distracted. Where I really tuned is is when he told us that when we are encountering a difficult day or a difficult person, we are not to despair, because God will give us the grace we need to get through that particular day. This was exactly what I needed to hear! We need only to ask for God's help in recognizing and using those graces so that we handle our situation appropriately. It seems so simple, doesn't it?

I think I will add this little prayer of St Philip Neri's to my morning routine, "Oh, God, let me get through today, and I shall not fear tomorrow.”


Shirley said...

I have had that experience at a number of Masses; the homily hits home for whatever reason.
Thanks for that little prayer; it's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Beutifully worded. Thank you for posting this wonderful food for thought.


Marilena said...

well, you can make me the pies too and bring em over:)