Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bill C-384

If Ms. Lalonde has her way, Canadian doctors will soon be able to routinely kill patients who suffer from severe physical or mental pain, or have a terminal illness. Read her private members bill here. Write to your MP and voice your concern! Find your MP using this link and your postal code.

Ms Lalonde`s Bill C-384 states that anyone over 18 years of age who suffers from sever physical or mental pain or is terminally ill can ask for and receive an assisted death, so long as they ask in writing twice and at least ten days apart. I can just see the vultures of death hovering over the patients they think are a strain on the health-care system, pen and paper in hand, coercing them to sign their “├Čnformed” consent.

The government has no business deciding when people should die. Those who are suffering from depression and dementia are at extreme risk with this bill. They should be helped and protected, not walked to their grave.

There is a really good blog post here on this subject, complete with sample letters and other ideas you can implement to make a difference.


Aussie Therese said...

Euthanasia bills seem to be all over the world here. At the moment some politicians are trying to get it legalized in Tasmania.

Since most of the western world is in a demographic winter, I worry that Euthanasia laws will be a way that Govt try and solve the problems.

Marilena said...

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