Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Internet, no news

I have been without Internet at my house for the past three days. Today the fix-it guy came and patched up the outside cable so now it's all up and running again. It's amazing how everything comes to a standstill without the Internet. No news, no blogging, no banking. I sure got a lot done around the house, though!

I'm off to work shortly - I have my second night shift, then I have four glorious days off. This morning, for the last call of my shift, I got to bring around an unconscious diabetic and restore him to a normal functioning level. That's always a good way to end any shift. Everyone is happy and no one is hurt or requires hospitalization. 200 ml of D10W infused through an IV does wonders for the unconscious diabetic. Thank God he had someone there to call 911.

On Saturday I am planning on attending a Legion of Mary retreat put on at my FSSP parish. I have never been to one before, and really haven't met many of the parishioners at my church, even though I have been going there for almost two years now. So I am looking forward to it; I am sure there will be many graces from attending the retreat. I have learned how important it is to recognize these graces that God bestows on us daily, because more often than not, we let them slip away unused. It is good to make a daily prayer that we will recognize and use the graces that God most generously bestows on us every day. If anyone has a favourite prayer for this, please leave it in the combox.

If you lose the supernatural meaning of your life, your charity will be philanthropy; your purity, decency; your mortification, stupidity; your discipline, a lash; and all your works, fruitless. - Saint Josemaría Escrivá ; The Way.


Marilena said...

i your done with volume one of the mystical city of God, mom said you could mail it to me:)

Marilena said...

there is a poem for you and our sisters on my blog:D