Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hot, hot hot!

It has been so incredibly hot here the last week or so, with temperaures soaring into the low thirties. That's over a hundred degrees Farenheit for you Celsius challenged people! I have been thinking about getting a heat pump for the house. I'm not sure of the thermodynamics of it all, but I know it's better than an air conditioner. Your house can be kept at a comfortable temperature year round, with no heat waves in the summer or cold rooms in the winter. It saves on the natural gas in the cold weather as well. Right now, we can get a rebate for buying and installing one, with an income tax break as well on next year's taxes. If anyone installed one, how do you like it?


Cam said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and thought I'd stop by and say "hi"! It's been in the three digits (in F) here too. If it hadn't dropped one degree below 2 days ago we'd be on our 18th consecutive day. I'm ready for winter!

Marilena said...

we might purchase an evaporative air conditioner. i had a cardiac tachycardia today because i was dehydrated, and my house was 100 degrees, it made my heart rate soar to over 140. i had to call 911. if i hadn't, my heart would've given out on me. :( the doctors told me to get out of the heat, and drink plenty of fluid. i listened. i cannot tolerate the heat. 31 is too hot for me. my house hits upper 90's and its bad. 100 was the hottest its ever been in here. :( we have fans running 24-7 when its this hot. we have to. for 100 bucks, i could get that air conditioner!