Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner, you know!

Today is a house cleaning day for me, and that means listening to music. It just helps the chores to get done faster. I loaded my CD player with 5 Christmas CD's - St. Michael's Boy's Choir, The Canadian Tenors, and Mark Donelly's new CD (he is the choir director and tenor at my FSSP Church in Vancouver), and an old CD by Susan Aglukark. Which brings me to a question - have any of you started listening to Christmas carols yet?

It's almost time for Christmas shopping, as well. For the last few years, I have been in the habit of saving money all year long in a separate account that is earmarked for Christmas. I much prefer that to the scrambling to make ends meet that I have done in the past. I find I don't miss the money I am placing in this account, and by this time of year, I can start my Christmas shopping without any concern for credit card bills in January.

A few years ago at this time of year, the funniest thing happened. I bought my husband a gift I knew he wanted. It was a record player that also converted old records to CD's. I brought it home and showed it to our daughter to see what she thought. She burst out laughing! It took a full five minutes to find out why she thought it was so funny. Eventually she stopped laughing and told me that both her parents had each gone out and bought a gift for the other that they had already bought for themselves.

Just the week before I had purchased a beautiful nativity set that was on sale for half price. I couldn`t resist it, as I had always wanted one like it. It turned out my husband had also seen it, and knowing I would like it, he bought it for me. That`s what had my daughter in stitches! Knowing each others tastes so well, we had both bought the exact thing that each of us had just purchased for ourselves!


Paul said...

I've converted some records to mp3s, but the problem is so many of the ones from my childhood are so scratched as to be unusable! :-(

Daily Grace said...

There is a great comfort in knowing each other so well, like a warm cuddly robe or old ruzzy slippers. God bless you as you prepare for the birth of our Savior!

Mary333 said...

I picked up the Canadian Tenors Christmas CD and have been listening to it for the past two weeks :) I already started my Christmas shopping, too!

Anne said...

I am not a huge fan of Christmas these past few years and put everything off to the last minute which is probably why I don't enjoy the season-because I make it too stressful. But, I do enjoy listening to Christmas music from my favorite CD's-not the incessant "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" that is heard on the radio. I prefer the classic Christmas music that inspires my faith.

Your story about you and your husband buying the same gifts reminds me of the O. Henry story that was very similar. How wonderful to know each other so well!

Mum2eight said...

only 6 weeks till Christmas. I think it is my favourite time of year.

Shirley said...

No Christmas music here yet- but I'll probably play the CD you gave me tommorrow. I'm getting excited about Christmas this year because my daughter is coming home. YAY! But I'll probably have to make most of my gifts, because money is a little tight at the moment.