Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Thought for the Day

What if every time we went to receive Holy Communion, instead of a half-hearted abstract love for Jesus, we actually felt an intense burning love for Him and a great desire to be united to Him, so much so that we actually felt our heart burning inside our chest? Can you imagine the graces and love we would receive in return?

This was my thought on Sunday immediately after I received Holy Communion; after I had gone up to receive with nothing more to offer than a tepid love.

"When you are to communicate, desire to have all the love which any soul has ever had for Me, and I will accept your love in proportion to the ardor with which you wish for it."- Jesus to Saint Mechtilde

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Shirley said...

To physically feel that burning love is a grace; one that we can pray for. I think it was St. John of the Cross who prayed, "Lord fill me with Thy love so that I may love Thee as much as I am able, then do with me what Thou will."